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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Where Has The Time Gone??

They put a wee little baby in your arms and you can't begin to imagine the pure love that emanates outward from yourself. Truth. My first little darling was born 30 years ago, and I cannot begin to fathom where the time has gone, and where we've been.

Smiling from the first, angry at the night, but ready for adventure she has always been. Our first trip away with Erin involved a Chevy El Camino, honeybees, colic, a small blue tent, rocky ground, and a sliding playpen. But... we were not deterred.

A little brother came along less than two years later - Zach (as Doc here) and Erin has cherished him like no other.

We carried and schlepped strollers, carseats, snacks, softie, baby potties, and more from here to there. Wanderlust cannot be contained!

In Birmingham, Alabama with cousins, Chris and Laura. 

And on a later visit with cousin, Tyler. 

We camped from Los Angeles to Yellowstone, and all along the California coast. 
Campgrounds are cozy and messy, with the fresh air and scent of fire and bacon all around.
Love it!! 

As they kids got older, we traveled further on ...

Here in London in 2005, the week the Underground tube was bombed.

 And in Paris, the same year near Montmarte and atop the Eiffel Tower!

Closer to home with Zach and Michael in Chicago! 
A segway was involved....

To Maui, Hawaii celebrating High School graduation! 

And off to our nation's capitol.

A trip to Germany after studying abroad and a week in Dublin with the entire family and a few friends after college graduation

The Brandenburg Tor with Zach

A side-trip to Salzburg with Zach and dad.

We were taste-testers at the Jamison Distillery with Mike. 

Erin and I love visiting New York City and have been a couple of times.

Those hot dogs.... 

There were a few trips to Las Vegas as she battled her way to the State Championship!

And we thoroughly enjoyed Charleston and Savannah - Cheers!!

 Visiting the Titanic Museum in Nova Scotia. 


 We've been to Alaska a few times too!

Just outside Alcenia's where we had the BEST catfish dinner with a hug and a kiss!
One of our favorite family trips 
From Beale Street (Memphis) to the end of the Line - New Orleans, Louisiana

  Afternoon tea in Fortnum & Mason where the Queen takes her tea!!

 And in Norway, one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

I absolutely cannot leave out Disney - where SO many of our memories have been made.

First visits with Minnie and Doc.
"Does it Fit 5?"
Polishing off the Ghirardelli Mountain.
The paddles on Tom Sawyer's Island.
Matching T-Shirts.
Beaver Tails.
Dad as the King!!
The centermost point in Disneyland.
Riding the Lily Belle.
... and so many more.

 First time Walt Disney World Kris & Maria!!

Erin has developed a passion for half-marathons (crazy girl) and here
she is finishing up at Her Madison Half. 

But this picture captures it all. 
The Cruise from Hell where we had the 
Time of our Lives!
These kids mean the world to us and 
I never want to forget how important it is to 
Have fun and stay True to ourselves...

Happy 30th Birthday Miss Erin. We love you so. 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Day!

A very Happy Leap Day to you all.
 I feel almost as if it's a holiday, this extra day in our year. 
I looked it up on Wiki and saw this year is also called an 
Intercalary Year or a Bissextile Year. 
We live by the Gregorian Calendar which stipulates 
this extra day every four years to keep up with astronomy. 
I'm okay with that. 
Like I said before, it feels like a holiday to me.

Most of you are probably working as if it were any other Monday (SORRY),
but I took off on my bicycle this morning to capture my neighborhood. 

Here I go...


The weather today is truly spectacular. It's supposed to reach about 88 degrees by this afternoon, but the low temps and cool breeze this morning make it all worthwhile. 
In Arizona we have to grab cool wherever and whenever we can. 
Sunshine, glorious sunshine, and blooming flowers along the way today.

I look forward to the intoxicating scent of these tiny 
orange blossoms all winter long, and they never disappoint. 

I love this little daffodil. You might call it a narcissus or jonquil.
I think I like jonquil actually. Yes, Yes I do. 

These beauties above were all in my neighbor's yard this morning. 
Isn't that bearded iris so sweet? 
The name Iris is taking from the Greek word for rainbow, 
and is also the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow. 

I noticed a few houses displaying our nation's flag today and I LIKE it!!!
I did look up the flag-flying days for 2016 and didn't find February 29th on the list.
No matter - patriotism is a wonderful prideful devotion. 
It just feels right. 

No fresh eggs in this coop, sorry! 

How lucky is this little guy in the ride-along? 
Thanks mom - you are awesome. 

It is so convenient to jump on the Western Canal Path and ride for miles.

I am amused by the protective structure along the golf course.
Sometimes I get a zing of electricity from those towers,
but I've never been hit by a golf ball!! 

People are working today!

And the animals are relaxing. 

Riding through Kiwanis Park, I spotted the weekend's refuse. 
Jeez, we are wasteful. 

This is the coolest kids' play area around - Makes me wanna be little again!!
How cute are those bucket swings? 

Would you call this the 
Robot Elephant-a-Saurus Play Structure?

Hopscotch and little animal bouncers. 
I love the old-school feel here but it's all new and updated for safety. 

Getting ready for the catch of the day - good luck buddy.

Lovely, right?? 
It is so very peaceful. 

This hard-working gentleman allowed me to take his picture. 
Check out ALL those cans - that bag is monstrously heavy. 
God Bless Him.

I love finding unusual art pieces in public spaces. 
There are four blocks at the corner of Baseline and Rural with grated spaces
and objects held within. This one had stones with words hand painted on each. 
I focused in on one of my favorite words of all time...
I love 'em. 

This one was filled with rusted tools and equipment. 
I have driven by these a hundred times and never noticed the display.
Interestingly sad how little I pay attention to my surroundings until I'm up close. 

These sage just started blooming this weekend - gorgeous vibrant purple! 
And this bougainvillea too - wow. 

I love a neighborhood school - This is Fees Middle School. 

I totally agree with the signage - Don't we all? 
Who doesn't support academic and life-long success for every single young person?
I mean really, who doesn't? 
Our very future is based on the 
next generation and their successes. 
Thank a teacher. 

I rarely see pink lantana, but when I do... I smile. 

We used to have about 20 lantana plants in front of our old house. 
They drove me crazy in the winter with their black frosty tips
that reminded me of crispy burnt toast. 
Now I admire them from afar. 

Must be election time here in Tempe - Get out there and vote people. 

Okay, so I got hungry. 
No shame in snagging a Chocolate Old-Fashioned from Bosa.
There's a few more left for you....

Enjoy the day.

Until next time....
Deb :)