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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Here's Your Sign!

Wandering through new cities and towns and neighborhoods 
and museums and wide open spaces ~ gives us such amazing perspective. 

Travel allows us the opportunity to exchange kindnesses,
Sample exceptional delicacies, 
And just breathe.....

Historical sights are around every other corner... 

...and we learn so much about ourselves and the world we inhabit. 

Our eyes are opened to new vistas, and our attitudes are expanded as 
we explore interestingly diverse cultures.

We love it all.
Well... everything but airport hassles of course. 

Public Transportation and Cruise Ships Preferred! 

You gotta watch where you're going and think about the steps you're gonna take. Travel can be well-planned with very specific itineraries. There's just some things we don't want to miss out on seeing!

But then again, surprises are awesome too.....
..... the RIGHT kind of surprises anyway.

We like to be prepared for any eventuality. 
My lists have lists for God's sake.

But if we're not... that's what VISA is for!!

We probably drive our friends and family crazy with our incessant planning and talk of travel. 
But in our little family room, researching a new destination...

With two laptops between us - All is Well!!

We can't help ourselves. It's a passion for exploration and seeking new experiences. 

We've got some family favorites of course - and head back there again and again.

Wherever we're headed, food is always involved!

And Chocolate. Every itinerary leads to chocolate of some sort!

I always say, "People spend money on what they want to spend money on..."
And Jeff always says, "What's money if you can't piss it away..."
Either way - it's our choice, 
And Life is Made of Choices.

My Best Friend, My Travel Partner, My Life's Best Decision
Right Here for another 42 years or so. 

Drop me a note if you have any questions about the places we've seen.
And, thanks for reading!
Until next time,
Deb :) 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's All About the Yum

As we plan our vacations we research museums of all kinds, beaches, shopping ideas, walking tours, amusement parks, botanical gardens, and most importantly...

Food and Beverages! 

We cannot help ourselves. We love to eat and we love to drink. 
In keeping with the popularity of food pics on Instagram and Facebook
We've got a few pics of our own. We may have started the trend, who knows?
We've been taking pics of our food for years...

Could be the reason I'm a little bit 'fluffy.' 
Check out some of our favorites here. 

You wouldn't want to miss out on the Fries in Amsterdam! 
Perfectly sliced, fried, and served in a proper paper cone. 

With Mayo!

Belgian Frites are pretty fantabulous too. 

The Meringues and fresh bread in Annecy, France were light and delicious. 

Speaking of great bread ...
Check out these homemade treats from a street vendor in Grenada in the Caribbean. 

We stopped into this great little place near the cruise pier in Barbados 
and thoroughly enjoyed the local flavors.

I mean seriously... YUM. 

Chicago gave us a super cool retro-McDonald's

And one of the best Cinnamon Rolls EVER! 
You gotta visit Ann Sather's for breakfast and their scrumptious delicacies. 

You can't see the food here, but our favorite place in Long Beach is 
Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. 
Crispy fried chicken, creamy grits, sweet as candy potatoes, and waffles that are tender and tasty.

But the food in Hawaii... Oh My Land.
Pancakes like man-hole covers 

And fresh salads with seafood galore. 

And Loco Moco... and Eggs Benny... and Hawaiian Goodness all around. 

In Marseille, France right at the port you'll find some of the freshest
fish around. We loved trying the gi-normous grilled sardines. 

And whole local fish straight from the sea. 
Nothing fresher than that. 

A little veggie in your Bloody Mary should wake you right up.
That's a food group, right?
These two enjoyed their beverage from Hash House A-Go-Go in Las Vegas. 

Munich, Germany had us drinking our fruit and veggies early each morning.

And in Dublin... we had to try the Guinness, didn't we??

These iconic bars can be found in the Tempe Bar area of Dublin.
Loud and raucous and great music to boot. 

But man, oh man - there is nothing like Southern food.
This plate of goodness was served up at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House in 
Savannah, Georgia where butter is well... everything. 

Our favorite (All-time favorite actually) is 
In 'N Out Burger.
Here's a great shot of dinner at M & M's wedding in 2015. 
Best. Burger. Ever.
Miss Ann Marie once said it was a "religious experience" and she was right. 

We like Wine...

And beer... 

And beer with good friends!! 

And hot cocoa for sure. 

But mostly we love to try new flavors, sample other cultural delights,
And enjoy it all with friends. 

Get something good in your belly!!!
Savor & Enjoy,
:) Deb