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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Such a Gorgeous Planet We've Got Here!

I am continuously reminded of the beauty that surrounds me. 

Planet Earth is a kaleidoscope of 
Nature in all it's fabulous glory!

But I oftentimes take such gorgeous vistas for granted.

And I have to ask myself, "Why?" 

How often do I go about my business with my ear to my cell phone,
Not paying attention to the flowers along the way? 

How often do I snap a pic without listening to the whisper of the wind in the trees?

What could possibly be more important than taking time to enjoy this world around me? 

Our environment is so very precious. 
Nature is calling us to care for her. 

"Nature" by its very definition is the collective physical world including: 


and Animals...

and Landscapes...

And other features of the Earth, not including Humans!

I am truly grateful for the offerings of our Earth.
And want to think that I do my part to take care of this bounty.

Do others feel the same way as I do?

Or, have we become communities of people who are so busy making a living,
That we forget to make a life? 

Let's all work together and take care of what we've got here folks.

Our environment is worth preserving and protecting. 


Clean up after yourself! 
And preserve our environment for generations to come.

Get out there and enjoy some of that beautiful world we've got
Right at the tippy-tip-tips of our fingers. 

I'm gonna be seeing a lot more of this guy and we're gonna be enjoying the great outdoors

Hugs for Planet Earth,
Deb :) 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Here's Your Sign!

Wandering through new cities and towns and neighborhoods 
and museums and wide open spaces ~ gives us such amazing perspective. 

Travel allows us the opportunity to exchange kindnesses,
Sample exceptional delicacies, 
And just breathe.....

Historical sights are around every other corner... 

...and we learn so much about ourselves and the world we inhabit. 

Our eyes are opened to new vistas, and our attitudes are expanded as 
we explore interestingly diverse cultures.

We love it all.
Well... everything but airport hassles of course. 

Public Transportation and Cruise Ships Preferred! 

You gotta watch where you're going and think about the steps you're gonna take. Travel can be well-planned with very specific itineraries. There's just some things we don't want to miss out on seeing!

But then again, surprises are awesome too.....
..... the RIGHT kind of surprises anyway.

We like to be prepared for any eventuality. 
My lists have lists for God's sake.

But if we're not... that's what VISA is for!!

We probably drive our friends and family crazy with our incessant planning and talk of travel. 
But in our little family room, researching a new destination...

With two laptops between us - All is Well!!

We can't help ourselves. It's a passion for exploration and seeking new experiences. 

We've got some family favorites of course - and head back there again and again.

Wherever we're headed, food is always involved!

And Chocolate. Every itinerary leads to chocolate of some sort!

I always say, "People spend money on what they want to spend money on..."
And Jeff always says, "What's money if you can't piss it away..."
Either way - it's our choice, 
And Life is Made of Choices.

My Best Friend, My Travel Partner, My Life's Best Decision
Right Here for another 42 years or so. 

Drop me a note if you have any questions about the places we've seen.
And, thanks for reading!
Until next time,
Deb :)